The Road Ahead




The Road Ahead

Mariskal Rock – 7,5/10 – “A great debut”
La Heavy – 4/5 – “Great ideas”


Originally formed as a melodic metal band in Zaragoza (Spain), Gunpowder was reborn in January 2015 as a hard rock combo following some challenges and a line-up change. In March 2015, the band headed to the studio to record three songs that would be their first demo, entitled The Road So Far, and in June, after a round of gigs around Zaragoza, they started recording their first album entitled The Road Ahead. Where The Road So Far was really a nod to the past influences of the band, The Road Ahead takes a completely new direction, and embraces a more direct and raw hard-rock sound. The band is now presenting this album to its Spanish fans in Zaragoza and in the surrounding areas, and is planning a tour in 2016.

The band in 2016

Gunpowder features Sergio Benedi behind the kit, Jaime Garcia on bass and backing vocals, Guillermo Royo on rhythm guitar and Frenchman Simon Chiassai on the mic. Jorge Portillo joined the party on lead guitar in the early months of 2016. Their influences include well-known bands such as Motorhead, Deep Purple or Gotthard, but also younger bands like Sister Sin, Koritni or Crazy Lixx. Gunpowder blends classic rock and hard rock influences with a truly modern sound, inscribing itself in the renewal of the hard rock and metal scene, and delivers honest songwriting and raw, pedal-to-the-metal live shows.

In 2018, Gunpowder is about to unleash Totem, their sophomore album, that takes the band yet again farther down the path of rock and insanity…

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